Gameplay traileR, announce date and more!

FEB 2024

Hey time travelers! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Mighty Eyes are thrilled to reveal our new gameplay trailer for Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate, and that it will be released on June 27, 2024!

We find our hero trapped and under fire during World War 2, Germany. Out of options and ammo, he reveals his secret weapon…a super soaker!? Let’s rewind a little! Leveraging the time travel abilities of Samuel: his trusty watch companion, we witness Asher navigating a multitude of locations, collecting an eclectic arsenal of weapons and tools, only to return, seemingly moments later, to turn the tables on his adversaries.

Playing as Asher Neumann, embodying characters through the ages, players are treated to breath-taking glimpses of the rich, exciting and visually stunning locations and eras that await them. From the snow-laden landscape surrounding Tesla’s laboratory in Wardenclyffe, New York, to an eerie and desolate Apollo landing site gone wrong on the surface of the moon, and the ruined and overgrown ancient Mayan city of Tikal, discover the diversity of the worlds within Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate.

As Asher rapidly teleports, searching for the perfect weapon to aid him in his latest predicament, we witness him traversing through Mayan temples, swimming in the icy waters of Wardenclyffe, making a quick stop at home base, and then exploring Woodrock (Wanderer’s homage to Woodstock). We finish off with Asher deftly assembling an unconventional yet effective weapon just in the nick of time to win the fight back in Germany. 

Through this journey you see Asher take on numerous characters through time with the players able to see their avatar for the very first time. There’s no telling where you’ll go and who you’ll become as you venture back through the ages and unravel the mysteries of time travel in Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate.

Wanderer: TFOF showcases the full potential of VR gaming, immersing players in beautiful worlds, thrusting them into exhilarating action, and challenging them with mind bending puzzles. 

Price and Upgrade Path

Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate will retail for US$49.99 and will be available on PS VR2, Meta Quest, Pico and Steam. 

PlayStation and Steam owners of Wanderer (released in January 2022) will have the opportunity to purchase Wanderer TFOF for a limited time 20% off upgrade discount on their respective platforms.